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made up – nephews - member - either - share – live - types - including – circumstances - called
A family is a group of people who live together. They (a) _____ the housework and take care of one another . Three (b) _____ of family are: nuclear family, single-parent family, and extended family. A nuclear family is (c) _____ of father, mother and one or more children living together.
A single-parent family is one where (d) _____ the mother or father is caring for the children in the family (Both the "nuclear family" and the "single- parent family" are also (e) _____ the "immediate family"). Extended family means father, mother, children, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces and (f) _____.
In the United States, there are some (g) _____ where the extended family comes to live either with or in place of a (h) _____ of the nuclear family. But in most cases in the United States the extended family no longer lives in the same place, but in many countries (i) _____ China, Pakistan and India, extended or joint families traditionally (j) _____ together.
a. What is a family?
b. Mention the three types of family!
c. What does 'immediate family' refer to?
d. How is an extended family different from a nuclear family?
e. How are most Americans different from most Chinese? ​

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(c)made up








a. family is a group of people that live together

b.nuclear family, single parent family, and extended family

c.it refer to nuclear and single parent family

d.because the extended family has all member completely

e.because in america the extended family mostly didnt live together

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